Last mile – a big problem or a big opportunity

We would like to invite you to a heated debate on the last mile in transport on Thursday 18th November at 10 am. Mariusz Stasiak, President of Emapa, together with Mirek Gral, Vice-President and Partner at Last Mile Experts, will talk about the changes in Poles’ shopping habits and their influence on the delivery market, with particular emphasis on the … Read More

Emapa with Optigis with incentive scheme for managers

Route optimisation systems minimise current challenges in global transport. Emapa S.A. – a NewConnect-listed Optigis S.A. provider of solutions from the geographic information systems market, has signed agreements to acquire warrants entitling to Emapa shares. The issue price of the new shares corresponds to a valuation twice as high as the company’s book value. The purpose of the transaction is … Read More



Reduction in the number of routes by 68 or 27.4% (from 260 to 192 routes) Reduction in distance by 21,248 km or 28.26% (from 75,188 km to 53,940 km) Monthly savings for one wholesaler exceeding PLN 53,000 Customer: electrical goods wholesaler Oninen Challenge: Proper selection of vehicles from a subcontractor to minimise the total distance The customer has 36 branches … Read More