we can solve your company's problems


savings reach even up to


we will show you how to determine routes in a flash and calculate their costs

  • We calculate routes for each type of vehicle taking into account its parameters.
  • We calculate precise route costs, including fuel, tolls (e.g. viaToll), driver costs, etc.
  • We provide up-to-date information about traffic problems for heavy goods vehicles


  • Routing and costing solutions

We optimise the sequence of points and select the right vehicles

  • We optimise the sequence of points and select the right vehicles
  • We help you reduce the number of vehicles and drivers
  • We find the best routes taking into account time windows
  • We take into account the capacity of available vehicles and the loading needs at the points
  • We shorten the length of routes and delivery times
  • We reduce fuel expenses
  • We eliminate late deliveries
  • We reduce empty runs
  • We increase the number of orders that can be fulfilled in a given time by 25%
  • We reduce scheduling time for the scheduler by 90%
  • We reduce transportation costs by 25%


  • Delivery route optimisation solutions


Number of orders executed at a given time increased by


quick and easy geo-marketing analysis

  • Gain clear knowledge about the location of your customers and competitors.
  • Plan effective sales activities based on the map
  • Quickly visualise and interpret large amounts of data
  • Decide more easily on the location of a new shop, branch or warehouse
  • Properly adjust advertising to the area and target group


  • Geo-marketing solutions


Accurate analyses created in less time by


Percentage of optimisation issues that can be completely handled by our software


We will make it easy for you to integrate with our technology

  • You will receive a set of tools and clear documentation to build your software
  • You will create a system dedicated to your customers, taking into account their individual preferences
  • You will integrate Emapa tools with popular systems such as: TMS, ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and others
  • We will handle 95% of optimisation issues encountered on the market with our software


  • solutions for developerS

skomplikowane harmonogramy tras dostępne za pomocą kilku kliknięć

  • Zwiększamy liczbę obsłużonych klientów w krótszym czasie
  • Umożliwiamy punktualne dostawy
  • Skracamy czas tworzenia harmonogramu przez planistę o 90%
  • Zwiększamy liczbę zleceń możliwych do wykonania w danym czasie o 25%
  • Minimalizujemy czas na zmianę harmonogramu tras w przypadku niezaplanowanych braków zasobów

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Czas tworzenia harmonogramu jest krótszy o


we will solve your current transport, geo-marketing and database problems

  • Carry out your transport or geo-marketing analysis cheaper and faster
  • You will gain order in your databases
  • You will receive assistance tailored to your needs and financial possibilities
  • We will provide you with professional consulting services


  • services


individual services faster than complex implementation by


road network in Poland with street names and building outlines in Emapa data


we will provide you with up-to-date and accurate maps

  • You will gain access to detailed maps of Poland (Emapa) and Europe (TomTom).
  • Based on the map, you can create new transport and geo-marketing solutions
  • Our map can be integrated with your TMS, ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other software.

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