Mapping routes and calculating costs

Transport is an area that generates huge costs for companies. However, there are tools that count the expenses related to routes and plan journeys, making it possible to control transport, distribution and sales. Emapa has developed several solutions of this type.


  • calculation of best delivery routes for various types of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks)
  • precise calculation of real costs of routes, taking into account road tolls (including viaToll), fuel, driver and others.
  • savings on transport immediately visible
  • universal and easy to use tools
  • choice of solution available on DVD or through a web browser
  • accurate and up-to-date maps with a database of road restrictions for vehicles of various parameters
  • customisable service

Our products

Emapa Web Router

Web-based service intended mainly for departments and companies involved in transport, distribution, sales and controlling. The solution accurately calculates transport costs for various types of vehicles (including trucks).

A desktop application for transport fleet management (map of Poland or Europe). It is not only a map for trucks but also an extensive range of functions allowing for comprehensive transport management.

A map server enabling full integration of the tool for calculating routes and their costs with the Customer's software.

route optimisation

Thanks to appropriate tools for route optimisation, you can save from 12% to even 35% of the costs related to transport and planning. Route optimisation takes into account all of the most important parameters such as time windows, load capacity and driver working time. In addition to the financial results, optimisation ensures greater employee efficiency, increased quality and timely deliveries.


  • savings of up to 35% on fuel and number of vehicles
  • 20% more efficiency
  • immediate planning
  • precise route costs known in advance
  • optimised route with ETA on the phone

Our products

A web-based application for route optimisation. The main task of the application is advanced optimisation of the sequence of route points. Find out more at:

An API providing efficient and advanced optimisation options. The API is available through the web.

A map server allowing for full integration of the optimisation tool with the customer's software. MapCenter can be installed locally at a customer's premises.


In marketing terms, a map is an important source of information about a customer. On its basis you can build systems used for visualisation and analysis of spatial data. It makes it possible to take strategic business decisions, compare sales in particular regions or select appropriate promotion tools and channels for the areas and target groups.


  • access to knowledge about the location of customers and competitors
  • effective regionalisation of sales
  • quick aggregation of data (e.g. sales) to a region and their visualisation on the map
  • appropriate adjustment of advertising to the area and target group
  • facilitation of decisions concerning a new warehouse or branch location

Our products

A GIS class programme allowing to create and manage maps and to perform geo-marketing analyses. Desktop application, one-year or lifetime licence.

Desktop application for spatial information management. Lifetime licence.

Emapa Sales Analysis

A SaaS solution for performing spatial analyses on the Customer's sales data and presenting the results in the form of tables or cartograms. The solution can be tailored to specific customer needs.


Emapa has been creating its own map of Poland for years. The map is updated quarterly and contains layers such as: full road network, precise point numbering, building outlines, complete database of postal codes as well as green areas and watercourses. The map is also equipped with a set of attributes such as road restrictions, fees, current traffic problems, manoeuvres, road signs or lane assistant.

Emapa is also a producer of navigation software available for phones, tablets and PNDs. Advanced functions facilitate travelling by helping to avoid traffic jams and choose the best routes.


  • Most accurate and continuously updated maps

  • Detailed coverage of big cities and small towns

  • Wide range of map attributes

Our products

The most accurate and complete digital map of Poland available on the market. We configure data sets tailored to your needs.

MultiNet Europe is a detailed digital map of Europe from TomTom, one of the world's leading providers of cartographical data. The package includes detailed maps of more than 30 European countries.


Emapa offers a range of services facilitating work with a map or database. Depending on your needs, we can provide such services on a one-off basis or regularly.


  • cheaper and quicker analyses
  • adjusting the scope of the service to the Customer's guidelines
  • support in making business decisions

  • professional consultancy based on the latest data


GIS and transport analyses

Map-based analysis of individual Customer problems, e.g. selection of an appropriate warehouse location.

Turnkey optimisation projects

Implementation of individual optimisation problems depending on the Customer's needs and preferences.

Software production

Creation of any software meeting the customer's needs.

Geocoding of address data

Assigning geographical coordinates to an address database with different levels of detail.

Database organising

Operations on large databases, including: cleaning incorrect addresses, sorting data by category, removing duplicates, unifying data, etc.

Training and consultation

Training courses and consultations on the operation of transport and GIS software.

For developers

We have created a group of advanced tools dedicated to companies with a technological background. These solutions allow for the implementation of a wider range of functions, integration with other systems, or customisation to the customer's needs. Emapa solutions may be integrated with TMS, ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other systems.


  • quick and efficient implementation
  • installation possible at the customer's site
  • tools available in various technologies
  • clear and readable documentation
  • available technical support at the integration and post-implementation stage
  • many years of experience in implementing similar solutions

Our products

Maps API

Possibility to add maps of Poland and Europe to a website or as a part of the customer's system.

Routing API

An API that allows for route calculation between specified points for a specifically parametrised vehicle, taking into account restrictions for a given category of vehicle.

An API providing efficient and advanced optimisation options.

A tool that provides a set of functionalities related to the widely understood geolocation, facilitating the creation of your own fleet monitoring and location system.

Search API

API allows for quick and convenient search of address databases. The technology allows you to find the correct address for data entered in any order, with residual names or minor language errors (typos).


Geokoder API

API allowing to assign geographic coordinates to a point with a specific address. Emapa's geocoder ensures conversion of 54,000 addresses into coordinates within 3 hours. The average time per address is less than 200 ms.

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