Emapa with Optigis with incentive scheme for managers

Route optimisation systems minimise current challenges in global transport.

Emapa S.A. – a NewConnect-listed Optigis S.A. provider of solutions from the geographic information systems market, has signed agreements to acquire warrants entitling to Emapa shares.

The issue price of the new shares corresponds to a valuation twice as high as the company’s book value. The purpose of the transaction is to offer key managers an incentive mechanism aimed at further increasing the value of Emapa. The company’s upcoming operational plans include establishing relations with further entities from the logistics industry, work on the development of further route optimisation methods VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) and further development of products offered in the SaaS model.

On 7 October, Optigis’ wholly-owned subsidiary Emapa entered into agreements with three executives to acquire subscription warrants entitling them to purchase Emapa shares. The agreements concern acquisition of 14,600 series A warrants (one warrant entitles to acquire one series B share in Emapa) at an issue price of PLN 60. The price corresponds to a valuation of the company at a level more than twice as high as the carrying value of Emapa in Optigis’ books. Rights under the warrants can be exercised until the end of 2024.

The market for advanced map technologies that generate time and cost

savings through route optimisation algorithms is growing rapidly on a global scale. There has been interest from other companies in the logistics industry and we expect the scale of the business to increase

in the medium and long term. Therefore, we decided to offer our key managers convertible warrants, which aim to build the value of Emapa and therefore Optigis even more efficiently together’, says Jerzy Cegliński, President of the Management Board of Optigis S.A.

Emapa develops advanced VRP route optimisation systems leading to the fastest, cheapest, most profitable route or one that meets a customer’s selected requirements. Input data for optimisation are point addresses, time windows, number and working time of drivers, vehicles, type

and parameters of cargo or logistics infrastructure.

– Effectively implemented VRP systems can reduce transport costs by up to 30 percent. It is an important tool in the daily work of forwarders and logisticians, especially important in the current market situation initiated after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and transport difficulties in key world economies. Our products enable faster turnover of goods and products, shortening

and lowering the cost of the supply chain – adds Jerzy Cegliński.

Emapa’s product portfolio includes such solutions as Emapa MapGo, API VRP, Emapa Web Router, MapCenter, Emapi or Emapa Geomarketing. The company has so far cooperated with such strategic partners as Naviexpert.pl (now Telematics Technologies), Jakdojade.pl, ITS and Pitney Bowes. The company’s customers include: PKN Orlen, Raben, Black Red White, Rossmann, Atlas, Żabka, or Bakoma.

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