would like to inform that it implements the project entitled: ‘MapGO on new markets’ co-financed within the framework of the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure: II.2. Internationalisation of enterprises Sub-measure: II.2.1 SME business models

Project objectives:

Promotion of the MapGO product on foreign markets (British and German).

Planned effects:

The project consists in the implementation of a new business model in the EMAPA S.A. enterprise through the participation of the beneficiary's representatives in foreign or domestic fair and exhibition events of international character, search and selection of business partners on the target market. The implementation of the export strategy is a milestone in the development of the company, it will initiate the presence on international markets.

Project value: PLN 721,138.69

EU co-financing of the project: PLN 498,347.88


NArodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju

EMAPA S.A. is implementing the project entitled:

‘Development of universal methods for solving advanced vehicle routing problems using machine learning’, co-financed under the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure: 1.1. R&D projects of enterprises, Sub-measure: 1.1.1. Industrial research and development works performed by enterprises

Project objectives:

Development of novel methods to optimise a rich family of pickup-delivery problems (PDP, Pickup-Delivery Problem) with additional constraints, described in the literature as rich VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) or rich PDP problems.

Planned results:

The result of the project is the development of novel optimization methods for a rich family of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) with additional constraints, described in the literature as Pickup-Delivery (PDP) problems. The created product will be the most advanced tool in the field of vehicle routing problem solving, which will enable transport optimisation, i.e. minimisation of costs for tasks related to the unloading of goods using a specific fleet and taking into account various constraints.

Project value: PLN 6,460,215.00

EU co-financing of the project: PLN 4,697,463.50


EMAPA S.A. completed a project called ‘New methods for optimisation of VRP issues’.

Project objectives: The objective of the project is to develop new dynamic methods for optimisation of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), taking into account traffic problems.

The planned results of the project are: new, faster and more accurate methods of VRP optimisation scalable methods allowing efficient solution of different groups of problems without deterioration of solution parameters a new layered architecture model of the optimisation system allowing free addition of any type of VRP constraints without loss of quality of the results.

The result of the project and at the same time the technological challenge is to develop a method that will enable practical solution of any combination of different VRP problems and its efficiency will be better than currently available solutions.

Project value (total): PLN 4,029,628.52

EU co-financing of the project: PLN 2,887,862.45

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