Routing API

Routing API is a tool that provides a set of functionalities for mapping routes, generating route descriptions and auxiliary functions for managing driver and vehicle categories. In addition to standard functions related to mapping of routes between points, Routing API also provides a kind of functionality extension, the so-called e-Toll OPTION (functions related to e.g. taking viaTOLL costs into account).

Mapping of routes - detailed list of functions:

  • configuration of parameters of vehicles, drivers, fuel consumption and speed on different types of roads;
  • management of route points;
  • calculation of the shortest, fastest and cheapest route;
  • downloading route progress reports;
  • calculation of distance from the route and staying in the route buffer (corridorisation);
  • mapping of routes for many destinations from one starting point (star);
  • selection of the optimum starting point for a set of destination points (multi-star);
  • determination of distance matrix;
  • downloading/uploading a snapshot of the module settings (to a file or MapBase database);
  • setting options for the module, e.g. visualisation, inclusion of obstacles, hazardous materials, etc.

Route repository - detailed list of functions:

  • inserting/deleting/returning the mapped route to/from the repository;
  • colour and visibility configuration of the routes;
  • downloading/uploading a repository dump;
  • downloading reports on the route selected;
  • determining the distance to the selected route (corridorisation)


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