Emapa has created an innovative route optimisation technology VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem), with time windows, load capacity and taking into account delivery priorities solving the last mile problem. The premise of the VRP technology is to optimise the sequence of route points and rationally assign them (routes) to available drivers so that the cost for the customer is as low as possible, and profits from visiting points are as high as possible.

A customer, who uses CRM, ERP, TMS or other solutions on a daily basis, may use the VRP route optimisation service provided by Emapa via the VRP API.

The route optimisation API is a programming interface that enables communication between the customer's application and the Emapa route optimisation solution. Basic programming skills are required for the service to run smoothly on the Customer's side.

API VRP is dedicated to companies with more than 10 vehicles or with specific optimisation needs that are not met by the ready-made SaaS service.

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